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Bracondale User Group

Summary of the Annual General Meeting held on 18th May 2017

1.30 pm to 3 pm


Apologies. KR MS CC CR PM

Documents given out


Constitution and Terms of Reference

In House patient access survey May 2017

CQC Quality Report

Signpost Free Courses diary


Rosemary informed us that there was a new staff member, replacing Natalie who had now left. She thought that the poor attendance may be due to a confusion in dates – possibly with that of the Champions Meeting one. A member suggested that WhatsApp could be used to send messages (amongst other things) to groups of people via their mobile ‘phones.

Review of Constitution and Terms of Reference

The members present felt that no changes were needed.

In House patient access survey May 2017 (GP Patient Survey)

This survey was taken over a one week period as required by NHS England, and elicited 50 responses. Rosemary told us that the percentages for each measure sometimes added up to more than 100 because people could answer more than 1 of the questions.

Children’s Surgery

There were no poor answers for the Children’s Surgery, though Richard said that the term “worry free” could perhaps be expressed as “worry free service” to avoid any confusion with worry about the children. This also applies to “Stress Full”.

Hours of access

There were no negative comments about the hours of access, though Rosemary said that the government wanted practices soon to be open from 8am to 8pm with 2.5 hours extended access. Bracondale already have 4.5 such hours.

NHS 111

The responses on this were mixed, with some good and some not so good scores.


This gave significantly better responses that NHS111. One member present commented that the Mastercall Centre (off Pepper Road) was not well signposted, and Rosemary said that this had been relayed to the service.

FAFT (Friends and Family Test)

Rosemary told us that this was compiled monthly by Barbara from the paper and on-line responses.

CQC (Care Quality Commission) Report

Rosemary told us that the CQC inspectors assessed the 52 Stockport practices last year from April onwards. Practices were given 2 weeks’ notice in advance of their visit during which the practice had to prepare a short presentation and introduction and send in any required document. The inspection date was the 16th of November 2016.

The overall rating was “Good”, though Bracondale thought that they had been underscored in one area and even though the CQC later agreed. The score remained the same.  Full details of the inspection report can be found on the CQC website.

Staff Changes

Dr Baron has retired and Dr Briggs is now the senior partner. There is a new Secretary, Diane Rushton, who started August last year after 14 years at Stepping Hill hospital, and a new receptionist Sue Greenwood.

Alison started in March as a Practice Nurse, having experience in Manchester, Stepping Hill ED, Macclesfield, and Bracondale, and is completing her Practice Nurse University courses.

Practice/NHD News

Dr Catherine Briggs joined the meeting and told us about the Stockport Together initiative where the many health related organisations in Stockport work together to improve health and social care across the Borough. She said that the business case has been written, and takes into account the different demands due to population change. Our six local neighbourhood practices will work together sharing certain services. There is now a MDT team working together and an appointment of a Physio is being looked at. Money is available for the Neighbourhood Initiative, and there will be a new measure of Work.

A member asked about mental health, to which Dr Briggs answered that Stockport Together recognised the problem, particularly for the over 65’s, and was planning for this. The ‘Champions’ initiative model was part of this. A CAMHS Nurse would be based at the Stepping Hill Tree House Unit (for younger people).

A member noted that the sign at the front of the building had changed – Rosemary said that it had been amended to reflect the changes of the GP Partnership

Rosemary also said that the amount of administration required was increasing, and that staff were undertaking multi-skill training to cope with this. At the recent GPs and Staff Strategy meeting it was determined that there should not be a new partner appointed at this time, so the Partners are Dr Briggs, Dr Sharma, Dr Firth. The salaried GP is Dr Taylor, and trainees will include GP, ST1s, and ST3s, with Dr Sidra Ali and Dr Victoria Platts returning to complete their GP Registrar  training later in the year

Barbara Chatterton is now Rosemary’s deputy – Margaret Parry is due to retire in December. Katherine Gradwell will retire next year, a replacement is scheduled to replace Kathryn in July 2018. Luke and Barbara are now working on the website and patients chase, and Barbara is also working with the Patient Champions group.

The ‘phone system has moved to a BT platform with extra numbers, and will soon have ‘call queuing’, with up to 6 calls and messages in the programme. It is hoped to launch it in June.

EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service) started in June 2016, for staff there is a ‘blue box’ in the corner to say that the patients details match those on the National Spline. More and more patients are requesting repeats ‘on-line’. The practice can now arrange appointments for patients at Mastercall on Saturdays and Sundays.

Rosemary told us that the practice was not affected by the recent cyber attack –  all computers were fully patched and switched off overnight. She said that only 20 of Stockport’s 52 practices and Stepping Hill Hospital were unaffected.

Next Meeting

This was proposed as a Thursday in September this year.

The meeting closed with thanks to all who attended.

Bracondale User Group meeting 26th May 2016

Summary of meeting Minutes:

  • Discussed Emis Access which enables patients to book appointments online, order repeat medication, view results and medical notes. For a registration form, ask at our reception desk for a print out.
  • The introduction of EPS (electronic prescribing) on Monday 20th June. This will allow patients to order repeat medications which can then be sent electronically to a nominated pharmacy.
  • Rosemary is trying to generate interest to form a walking group
  • Welcoming our new salaried GP, Dr Rachel Taylor.
  • Early nurse appointments on a Friday morning.
  • Welcoming our new nurse to the practice,  Deborah Marks.
  • Welcoming our new Midwife, Julie Huddleston.
  • Welcoming our new receptionist, Rebecca Tracey.
  • Bracondale has the greatest number of trainees in the area.
  • Dr Firth introduced a leaflet, ‘Click start your health’ which gives ways and means of finding out more about health services in Stockport and on the NHS Choices website.
  • Introducing  our new self check-in machine which was funded by the Appleby Family.

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